2006 Volvo V70 headlights

By | February 17, 2016
Old faded headlight on top, the new one mounted in place.

Old faded headlight on top, the new S60 light in the car.

It was time to replace the headlights and during my trip to Europe, I stopped at a friend’s place in the Netherlands and paid for a set of S60 headlights for my car.

For a little contrast, I opted for the S60 headlights with the black plastic accents inside instead of the silver in the V70 headlights.  If I got it right, the part numbers are as follows;

Right headlight: 30698826 – S60 w black insides
Left headlight: 30698825S60 with black insides


Bumper removal: T25 at the 10 o’clock position at each wheel.  5x push-to-release pins over the grille, 2x under the bumper and 2x push-pin-completely-through-to-release pins at the bottom outermost edge of the bumper.

Remove the bumper trim on the front corners and remove the 10mm bolts holding the front clip in, then pull outward on the bumper by the wheels and pull the entire assembly forward and off the car.
Don’t forget to unplug the fog lights. Press the spring and pull the connector off.
Headlight removal: 4x 8mm bolts. There’s one in the front, next to the grille. There are two on top in the slam panel, and there’s one on the outside of the car behind the plastic bracket holding the edge of the bumper. Remove the two T25 screws in these brackets, bend them down and remove the bolt (one on each side). At this point the headlight slides out.


I did have an issue with adjusting one of the headlights properly. Even all the way up, the driver side light pointed right on the ground in front of the car. Adjuster collar

After removing both the driver and passenger side adjusters and comparing them, it became obvious what the issue was. The adjusting pin on the driver side was protruding more, thus pushing the headlight down. The reason it protruded more was that the collar it sits in had slipped out a little.

I used an adjustable wrench over the pin to push the collar back down and reinstalled it, and decided to add a drop of super glue to it for peace of mind.


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