Disable IPV6 from Windows 7 command prompt / DOS prompt

By | May 16, 2016

UPDATE: I’ve been told that disabling the Teredo/ISATAP/6to4 adapters might not be the best way to go.
The better way is to use the NVSPbind utility from an elevated command prompt to do it, which is effectively the same as deselecting the IPV6 checkbox in the Network Properties.
The command I’ve used for our Wireless adapters is as follows:

nvspbind.exe -d “Wireless Network Connection” ms_tcpip6

Pick the right adapterKeep in mind that if you/the user have several connections, they can be called “Wireless Network Connection 1” etc. Rename the command line accordingly.


I ran into an issue where I had to disabled IPV6 on several computers.  Because the users are logged in with restricted accounts (no admin rights) and they’re remote users, it’s not that easy to log in as an administrator to go in the network settings to disable it.


ISSUE: AT&T U-Verse users couldn’t connect via (our Cisco Systems) VPN.

Cause: Our VPN uses a weird IPV4-to-IPV6 “conversion”.  U-Verse does something similar. Conflict! Never the twain shall meet!

Solution: Disable IPV6 on the computer.

The easy solution was to CMD as admin and run these commands:

  1. netsh interface teredo set state disable
  2. netsh interface 6to4 set state disable
  3. netsh interface isatap set state disable

You’ll get a very simple “ok” for each line as confirmation, and then our VPN worked again.

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