2006 Volvo V70 Dyno test

By | August 5, 2016

I’ve decided I want the Volvo/Polestar tune installed in my car, so to ensure I am getting what I pay for (Edit: Yes, I am!) I put my car on the dyno to see what the baseline values are.

While I didn’t know to remove the cover to allow access to the #1 coil/plug for torque calculations, I did at least get a baseline HP Dyno - Stock 140K miles 2number to compare the upgrade to.

At 140,000 miles on the car, it got 183 hp at the wheels through the automatic transmission and with a heat-soaked engine. It was around 100F / 38C outside and their fan was on the other end of the dyno as they only have it setup for RWD cars and no provision to move the fan.


I will update this post when I have the post-Polestar dyno done.


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