Update WordPress manually on a Synology NAS

By | February 22, 2020

Synology is often a little slow in updating their plugins, and WordPress is one of them.
Fortunately it’s very simple to manually update to the latest version WordPress on your Synology NAS.

  • Download the latest version of WordPress & unzip to a folder
  • Delete the wp-content folder from the new installation folder
  • Move all files and folders from your web server WordPress folder to a backup folder, EXCEPT these;
    • wp-content (Folder)
    • wp-config.php (File)
    • .htaccess (File)
    • syno-misc.php (File)
    • pingbackIsOpend (File)
  • Move all the files from the installation folder into your webserver directory.
    Ensure you’re not overwriting any of the above folders/files if there are duplicates.

Log back in to your web server. You will see a screen prompting you to update the WordPress database. Do this – not that you have a choice. Then click continue once it’s done, and you’re in.

I found that the WordPress had a problem updating plugins after I updated to the latest version.
The issue is a detection process for user names on the server that could compromise your site if there are several sites running on the same box. For most Synology users this won’t be an issue.
Alas, the detection process doesn’t always detect the proper access method so you get a prompt for an FTP login.
You can either create the FTP user on your NAS (Login to DSM, then Control Panel/File Services/FTP/Enable SFTP/Create User/Give read/write access to WEB folder/Allow FTP access/No Quota, then forward port 21 & 22 in your router to the NAS) and login with that.

Or you can add the following small line in your wp-config.php file to force it to use direct file access (same user as PHP).

//*The next line allows direct downloads – it fixes the FTP download prompt for updating plugins*/
define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’);

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