Kenmore Elite HE2t – F-25 Error

By | April 19, 2021

F-25 Error animated
I’ve had this washer (model 110.4571600, alternatively 1104571600 – there are several models that are largely identical except in looks) for 16-17 years and never had a problem, but recently it started making the occasional chirping noise and it would fail at the 49 minute mark with the code “F-25” flashing in the display.

These washers have a great technical/troubleshooting guide in a zipper bag attached to the inside of the kick panel, so I remove the panel and start with the basics – clean the drain filter. It’s not plugged, but could stand a cleaning. This did not fix the problem.

Troubleshooting F25

The troubleshooting guide suggests “Drive Motor Tachometer Error” – it can’t determine motor speed. Since the washer has worked well for years prior, the things to check are

1, Wire harness between motor and control module (computer)
2, Wire harness between Motor Control Unit and Central Control Unit
3, Replace likely bad motor, as the tachometer is part of the motor.

As of this writing, a new motor was $300, so I wanted to check the cheaper solutions first.
One key to this was that it would often work if I restarted the washer on a 30 minute express cycle. This made me think that it wasn’t a broken part or a bad connection. It was intermittent, but getting more frequent.
The obvious indicator was the chirping noise. Hearing that usually meant the washer would fail.

With the kick panel removed, I started a cycle and watched the motor. It turned out that the chirping coincided with the motor rotating. I now suspected the belt.
A little googling revealed that there is no belt tensioner. The belt goes from motor to spider gear.

The belt in my washer was part # 8540348, and the new belt was part # 8540101.
At first I suspected the new belt to be wrong, but more web sleuthing and a youtube video revealed that it is supposed to be almost 2 inches shorter than the old belt and will be a pain to attach.
I had to remove the cross brace over the spider gear to get my hands around it easier to loop the new belt on.

The new belt hooks around the motor, then up through a slot in a plastic bracket, then around the spider gear on the right side, and then you turn the spider gear counter-clockwise to spin the belt on.

It sounds easier than it is. The belt is really tight, but with a screwdriver preventing the belt from slipping, and brute force and ignorance, I got the belt on there.

Route belt through groove

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